Users of this car park do so at their own risk. The management will not accept responsibility for any damage, accidents, or losses.


Please follow the directions given to you by parking personnel. All parking is in the box office parking lot with overflow parking available.

  • No parking on private property in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Walk-ins – Drop-off and Pick-up location will be at Gate #1 off Turner Avenue during the hours of the event.
  • NO tailgating in the parking lot.
  • RV’s that arrive to day park in the parking lot will be required to purchase a double parking space at $20. Required to leave when the event closes.
  • General Public: Main Entrance & Exit – Off Turner Avenue (Gate #1) Price is $10 per vehicle. No in and out privileges. If they leave the lot you must pay to park again.
  • RV: Main Entrance & Exit (Gate #1) You will be directed to Jammers Campground. All extra vehicles (meaning unhooked vehicles that do not fit in your 20×40 space) will be directed to park in designated area with stickers.
  • Tent Camping: Main Entrance & Exit (Gate #1). Vehicles will be able to offload their equipment; thereafter will be directed to park in designated area with stickers.
  • VIP & ADA: Archibald Avenue Main Park Gate (Gate #2).
  • Other than an RV, tent & RV vehicles will be allowed to come and go from Archibald Avenue main park gate (Gate #2).
  • All vehicles will be removed from parking lots at the close of the event each night. Jammers who have wristbands will be allowed to stay until 3AM with parking sticker provided by organizers. Thereafter vehicles will be towed if you do not observe these rules.

Additional parking is available at the Ontario Convention Center and includes a complementary shuttle ride. The cost is $9 and there are no in and out privileges. If you leave the lot you must pay the parking fee again.

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