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ABOUT HUCK FINN JUBILEE Bluegrass Music Festival

Huck Finn Jubilee Bluegrass Music Festival is a 3-day music festival, held on the second weekend of June annually, celebrating Bluegrass – America’s genuine roots music. Founded in 1975 by the Tucker Family, the Huck Finn Jubilee Bluegrass Music Festival continues to evolve and has become a premier 3-day showcase of traditional Bluegrass and Jam grass music. This family-friendly event is a community of music-driven campgrounds with endless pickin’ parties, music workshops and instrumental roots education for all ages, outdoor recreation and Tom Sawyer Island Village dedicated to all day kid’s activities.


Huck Finn Jubilee Bluegrass Music Festival, produced by the Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau (a non-profit 501 (c)(3), supports the cross-pollination and belief in the evolution of this music while honoring its rich history. This unique festival showcases an array of musicians spanning across local, regional, and national Grammy nominated and award-winning bands alike.  Huck Finn Jubilee is committed to presenting exceptional headlining musicians as well as emerging artists dedicated to creating sounds for the future while preserving the deeply imbedded roots of Bluegrass.  Bluegrass music tells a story and narrative of the lives of the everyday American people.

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The fans are the reason the Huck Finn Jubilee Bluegrass Music Festival is still running strong after so many years. Much of the support comes from the discussion of the festival, sharing opinions, and posting pictures and videos of recent (and past) Huck Finn adventures. We’ve compiled a list of websites and articles that help us keep the festival alive.

Please note that some opinions expressed on the websites do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Huck Finn Jubilee Bluegrass Music Festival staff.

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